On 1st April we are launching two brand new facials –
* Vitamin C Glow
* Rebalancing
 These both will be 25 min express facials perfect for a pre event, pre holiday or even a lunchtime treat.
Faace brings you a does-what-it-says approach to help fix skin fast. You don’t have to think about a thing because our products do it for you. Our say-what-you-see skincare is uncomplicated, versatile and results-driven. Using natural actives to provide solutions, our expert approved and developed range is an inclusive and affordable answer to every skin situation.

With 17 years of experience across the industry’s biggest brands, our founder, Jasmine Wicks-Stephens, has teamed up with an array of beauty experts to squeeze the best of skincare into Faace. Brought to you by leading journalists, make-up artists, chemists and aromatherapists, our products are prescriptive without the faff, directly addressing the needs and wants of a complexion that’s been disrupted by life.